Shipping can take between 15-20 business days. So many factors play a part:

- Weather

- Local Logistic Companies

- Public Holidays and Festivals

- If painting is made to order, then the time it takes to dry play's a factor.

Please be patient, we try our best to get the item to you ASAP.



Before we ship any painting we request the customer to approve the artwork within 7 days, if the customer chooses to make an amendment we can fix the painting until satisfied. If you are not satisfied we will refund the full amount paid.

We do not provide refunds for originals, custom orders, or any custom changes (i.e. custom colours, custom sizes, modifying the layout of the oil paintings) made to artworks.

additional info

If the package is damaged on receiving from courier ensure not to accept it, make sure it's returned by the courier so we can claim insurance and send you another brand new undamaged painting.