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Save the Rhinos - Handmade Painting on Canvas - Charitable Art


In less then 10 years there will be NO MORE RHINOS.

This is a scary thought.

People are the number 1 killers of Rhinos. Poachers kill the Rhino for profit. Rhino horns are worth over $100,000 on the black market, very lucrative for greedy individuals who seem to think money is worth more then a good soul.

Rhinos are vegetarians, they don't harm anything. Bigger then a car and still such peaceful, majestic, wonderfully caring creatures.

A lot of resources are needed to protect these animals.

So to help we created this beautiful unique painting only available at Artwork Only. We want to share this artwork with the community and hope you'll share it with your friends and family. Each painting sold AUD$100 will be given to the International Rhino Foundation. Helping People. Saving Rhinos.

Check out their site http://rhinos.org/

Every artwork is a billboard to the soul of each individual.

Support Art, Help Save the Rhinos

  • 70cm (h) x 80cm (w)
  • Stretched Ready to Hang
  • Created by Artist Collective. All Rights owned by Artwork Only

**(The image is of the original painting created by an artist collective and all rights owned by Artwork Only. Each painting sold is a reproduction of the original. Made to order by a talented artist. There might be slight differences as each painting is unique in its own way. We use artists not machines so its not going to be perfect reproduction, but it'll look beautiful).

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