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Girl in Blue Arranging Flowers By Frederick Carl Frieseke - Famous Art - Handmade Oil Painting On Canvas

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"Girl in Blue Arranging Flowers" is a traditionally titled 1915 painting by American Impressionist painter Frederick Carl Frieseke. This American artist spent most of his career as an expatriate in France, which explains why his style, tone and sensibility are like those of the French artists of his generation. This painting is an Impressionist portrait of a girl dressed in blue. As the title tells us, she is arranging the flowers placed in front of a mirror. Her back is slightly turned from the audience so what we can fully see are her bare shoulders, her beautiful blue dress, and the flower on her ear. But we can also get a glimpse of her face as reflected in the mirror. There is a gentle, delicate sense to the overall picture.

This is an image of the famous artwork. We will hand paint a beautiful reproduction of this masterpiece in the size below.

Size: 82 cm (h) x 81 cm (w)
32 in (h) x 32 in (w)

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Material: Oil Paint on Canvas

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