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On the Canal, New Hope By Robert Spencer - Famous Art - Handmade Oil Painting On Canvas

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Robert Spencer was an American painter famous for his cityscapes and landscapes, and for depicting the lives of the people in the Delaware River region. One of his best works is the 1916 painting "On the Canal, New Hope." It is an Impressionist snapshot of the kind of life that the people in New Hope, Pennsylvania had during that time. It features two and three-storey houses built too closely with each other, and some makeshift houses near the bank of the river. It also depicts the simple lives of the townspeople doing daily chores: washing clothes, hanging clothes on a line, doing some carpentry work, and the like.

This is an image of the famous artwork. We will hand paint a beautiful reproduction of this masterpiece in the size below.

Size: 75 cm (h) x 90 cm (w)
30 in (h) x 35 in (w)

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Material: Oil Paint on Canvas

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