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Elasticity By Umberto Boccioni - Famous Art - Handmade Oil Painting On Canvas

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Umberto Boccioni's name has become synonymous with the Futurism movement. It is impossible to talk about the movement without mentioning the artist's name and his works. One of his most popular paintings is "Elasticity." The painting is characterised by its fragmentation and the illusion of movement. The subject of the painting is a machine-like horse thundering across the mechanized landscape, symbolizing the rise of the machines and the gearing of the society towards the fast-paced world. The motion is emphasised by the use of harsh and aggressive colours, abstraction and distortion.

This is an image of the famous artwork. We will hand paint a beautiful reproduction of this masterpiece in the size below.

Size: 90 cm (h) x 90 cm (w)
35 in (h) x 35 in (w)

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Material: Oil Paint on Canvas

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