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Lady with Fan by Gustav Klimt- Famous Art - Handmade Oil Painting on Canvas


There was a time when Japanese art had a big splash of influence in Europe. Many artist at that time were influenced by the oriental style of painting, which later became known in Europe as Japonism. Gustav Klimt was just one of the artist who painted in the manner of Japonism through his painting called “Lady with a Fan.” The lady, the fan and the gesture of the subject are reminiscent of the geisha paintings in Japan. This painting features a slender beautiful woman with a sexy body, with her bare shoulders, looking ahead and holding a fan elegantly to her chest. The yellow background is strewn with figures of flowers, birds and other florid designs.

Size: 50 cm (h) x 50 cm(w)
19 in (h) x 19 in (w)

This is a handmade reproduction

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Material: Oil Paint on Canvas

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