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Mars and Venus, Allegory of Peace by Louis-Jean-Francois Lagrenee - Famous Art - Handmade Oil Painting on Canvas


Louis Jean Francois Lagrenee drew a different take on peace in this painting. The artist painted an allegorical piece by “humanizing” Mars, the Roman god of War, and Venus, the goddess of Love. In the painting, the two figures are naked in bed; Venus lying on her side, while Mars is staring at her with affection. There is a sense of gentleness and calmness in the face of Mars, contrary to the fierce and war-like features of the god. The two look like they had just made love or about to make love. There is a lying sword on the floor, which symbolizes that the “war” was defeated by “love.” This image is reinforced by a pair of white doves facing at each other, symbolizing lasting peace.

Size: 65 cm (h) x 54 cm(w)
26in (h) x 21 in (w)

This is a handmade reproduction

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Material: Oil Paint on Canvas

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