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The Eiffel Tower by Georges Seurat- Famous Art - Handmade Oil Painting on Canvas

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This hand-painted piece of work was done by a French painter Georges Seurat and it has been one of the most outstanding piece in the history that rocks the whole world. It was completed in the year of 1889 and it was in a Pointillism style of using tiny dots of pure colors, which then is blended in the viewers eye to produce brilliance of color. This painting depicts the famous Eiffel Tower which is an iron lattice tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris.

This is an image of the famous artwork. We will hand paint a beautiful reproduction of this masterpiece in the size below.

Size: 24 cm (h) x 15 cm(w)
9 in (h) x 6 in (w)

(Custom Sizes Available. Contact Us)

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Material: Oil Paint on Canvas

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The Eiffel Tower by Georges Seurat.jpg