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The Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacoix- Famous Art - Handmade Oil Painting on Canvas


This is an oil on canvas painting made by Eugene Delacroix, a prolific artist and the leader of the French school of painting. It was completed in the year of 1830 and in a form of romanticism style. This painting commemorates the July Revolution of 1830, which overthrows Charles X of France. The woman in the painting which holds the tricolor flag of France on the left side and a musket on the other hand symbolizes the liberty. It leads the people to move forward towards the body of those who have been killed. Declaroix symbolizes liberty as a goddess-figure and strong woman of the people.

Size: 87 cm (h) x 108 cm(w)
34 in (h) x 42 in (w)

This is a handmade reproduction

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Material: Oil Paint on Canvas

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