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Water Lilies by Claude Monet- Famous Art - Handmade Oil Painting on Canvas


Water Lilies an ornamental aquatic plant but not just a plant for a French Impressionist Painter Claude Monet, he made it a subject and a principal motif of some of his artworks in impressionistic style. His composition of the parts and elements in Water Lilies seems to describe things that really exist or occur in the natural world. The four depicted elements (water, water lilies, sky and trees) exist in real life. His translation of nature into painting is not nature. It is a work of art that depicts nature. Nature is the inspiration and fundament to Monet that is represented in this painting of Water lilies. Monet and the water lilies, the water plane, the reflected sky and reflected trees have been painted through his inner lens, and they have become one.

Size: 50 cm (h) x 50 cm(w)
19 in (h) x 19 in (w)

This is a handmade reproduction

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Material: Oil Paint on Canvas

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