la berceuse-by-vincent-van-gogh-famous-art-handmade-oil-painting-on-canvas
Vincent Van Gogh

La Berceuse By Vincent van Gogh - Famous Art - Handmade Oil Painting on Canvas

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La Berceuse is a portrait of Augustine Rouline by Vincent van Gogh during his stay in Arles. It features the maternal madame Rouline, van Gogh's friend, sitting on a chair. She is rocking her child's cradle, but the child and cradle are not included in the picture. The artist made several copies of this painting as gift to his artist friends Gauguin and Bernad. The painting is characterized by its legible primitive style: flat colours and compact details outlined in black.

This is an image of the famous artwork. We will hand paint a beautiful reproduction of this masterpiece in the size below.

Size: 90 (h) x 71 cm (w)
35 in (h) x 28 in (w)

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Material: Oil Paint on Canvas

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la berceuse-by-vincent-van-gogh-famous-art-handmade-oil-painting-on-canvas